What Are They?

They’re the part of the plant that you smell. And that (usually delicious smelling) part of the plant is what’s used in nature to keep the plant healthy.  
Essential oils are what chemists use, break down, and synthesize to make our modern medicine. We’re going back to the source.

Why Do They Work?

They’re organic and so are we. Our bodies know how to use these compounds because we’re not introducing anything synthetic or foreign.  
Essential oils contain hundreds of compounds that combat threats without building up resistance. They’re able to work with the body to address issues and root causes at a cellular level.  
They get INTO our cells and help support us like most things can’t.

Are They Safe?

YES! As long as you’re using pure oils and in the correct way.  
The oil industry is not regulated so you have to use oils from a company you can trust. Just because they’re labeled pure doesn’t mean they are. We use doTERRA’s oils and have found success like nothing else.